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EyeWorld, the award-winning news and feature magazine of ASCRS, is the premier pub- lication for anterior segment surgeons and general ophthalmologists. EyeWorld magazine provides comprehensive ophthalmic news and the latest clinical information in areas of cornea, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery, as well as periodic updates on retinal issues. EyeWorld draws from highly-esteemed ASCRS membership to create its diverse and experienced editorial board. A recent EyeWorld readership survey found: EyeWorld is relevant and credible • 86% find EyeWorld is relevant to their work • 83% think EyeWorld is credible • 79% feel EyeWorld keeps them connected to the ophthalmology community EyeWorld readers are engaged • 68% of recipients typically refer to back issues of EyeWorld • 87% of recipients took action in the past 12 months as a result of reading EyeWorld • 49 minutes is the average time spent looking through a typical issue EyeWorld magazine reaches 14,000+ qualified subscribers, including 11,000+ U.S. anterior segment surgeons, 2,000+ international anterior segment surgeons, and 1,000+ residents and fellows. EYEWORLD 2020 EDITORIAL CALENDAR January/February In Focus Products your patients are using and how they impact the eye Skill Focus Sealing phaco corneal incisions Pharmaceutical Focus Fixed-dose combination Roclatan Space: December 3, 2019 Materials: December 18, 2019 March In Focus Applications of intraoperative technology Skill Focus Endothelial transplant updates Device Focus EDOF vs trifocal IOLs Space: January 27, 2020 Materials: February 13, 2020 ASCRS SHOW ISSUE April In Focus Therapeutic refractive corneal surgery Skill Focus Yamane technique Pharmaceutical Focus Dry eye treatment Space: February 25, 2020 Materials: March 12, 2020 May In Focus Renaissance in glaucoma medica- tions Skill Focus Placing iris or capsular hooks; using expansion rings Device Focus What's new, pearls/pitfalls of drug delivery Space: March 20, 2020 Materials: April 14, 2020 June/July In Focus Ocular surface considerations for different surgeries Skill Focus Gonioscopy 101, in the clinic and in the OR Pharmaceutical Focus Crosslinking Space: April 27, 2020 Materials: June 5, 2020 August In Focus Artificial intelligence Skill Focus How to avoid the Argentinian flag sign Pharmaceutical Focus Managing the neurotrophic cornea Space: June 22, 2020 Materials: July 9, 2020 September In Focus Gene therapy/genetics Skill Focus Pearls for injecting single-piece IOLs Pharmaceutical Focus Specialty pharmacies and generic shortages Space: July 21, 2020 Materials: August 13, 2020 AAO SHOW ISSUE October In Focus My worst ever complication Skill Focus Stem cell translocation for corneal scarring Device Focus Surgical visualization Space: August 25, 2020 Materials: September 11, 2020 November In Focus Hurdles facing MIGS Skill Focus Astigmatism management Device Focus Artificial irises Space: September 22, 2020 Materials: October 13, 2020 December In Focus Dry eye as it relates to cataract surgery Skill Focus Refixating and removing an IOL Pharmaceutical Focus Glaucoma drops Space: October 27, 2020 Materials: November 5, 2020 2

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