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ASCRSMedia offers print and online advertising opportunities for ASCRS, ASOA, and EyeWorld, as well as a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities during the annual ASCRS Symposium and Congress, APACRS, and other global meetings.

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Serving the comprehensive A s the news and feature magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, EyeWorld serves as the premier publication for anterior segment surgeons. The magazine provides comprehensive ophthalmic news and the latest clinical information in the areas of cornea, glaucoma, cataract, and refractive surgery, as well as periodic updates on retinal issues. Each article is carefully reviewed by the editorial staff, the article's sources, and the medical editors before its publication. EyeWorld draws from ASCRS' highly esteemed membership to create the finest editorial board of any publication in the industry. Editorial Board Medical Editors David F. Chang, M.D., chief medical editor Bonnie An Henderson, M.D., cataract editor Kerry D. Solomon, M.D., refractive editor Edward J. Holland, M.D., cornea editor Cataract Lisa B. Arbisser, M.D. Preston H. Blomquist, M.D. Saras Ramanthan, M.D. Steve G. Safran, M.D. Richard Tipperman, M.D. Farrell (Toby) C. Tyson, M.D. Mitchell P. Weikert, M.D. Cornea Clara C. Chan, M.D. Vincent P. de Luise, M.D. John A. Hovanesian, M.D. Bennie Jeng, M.D. Barry Lee, M.D. Glaucoma Garry P. Condon, M.D. Steven J. Gedde, M.D. Jeffrey A. Kammer, M.D. Reay H. Brown, M.D., glaucoma editor EyeWorld Editorial Board Members Nathan M. Radcliffe, M.D. Carla J. Siegfried, M.D. Refractive John P. Berdahl, M.D. Kraig S. Bower, M.D. Y. Ralph Chu, M.D. Neel R. Desai, M.D. Elizabeth M. Hofmeister, M.D. Louis E. Probst, M.D. International Advisory Group Amar Agarwal, F.R.C.S. Graham D. Barrett, F.R.A.C.O. Ashley Behrens, M.D. William De La Pena, M.D. Bruno M. Fontes, M.D. Nada S. Jabbur, M.D. Shigeru Kinoshita, M.D. Boris E. Malyugin, M.D. Dan Z. Reinstein, M.D. Hungwon Tchah, M.D. Vladimir N. Trubilin, M.D. Ke Yao, M.D. Ronald Yeoh, M.D. John A. Vukich, M.D., international editor

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