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Media Kit 2013

ASCRSMedia offers print and online advertising opportunities for ASCRS, ASOA, and EyeWorld, as well as a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities during the annual ASCRS Symposium and Congress, APACRS, and other global meetings.

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Asia-Pacific Editorial Board Chief Medical Editor Professor Graham Barrett Australia 61 Editorial Board (2012-2014) Prof. Yao Ke China Dr. John Chang Hong Kong Dr. Abhay Vasavada India Prof. S Natarajan India Prof. Kimiya Shimizu Japan Prof. Hiroko Bissen-Miyajima Japan Prof. Choun-Ki Joo Korea Prof. Hungwon Tchah Korea Dr. YC Lee Malaysia Dr. Chan Wing-Kwong Singapore Assoc. Prof. Chee Soon Phaik Singapore Dr. Ronald Yeoh Singapore China Edition Regional Editors-in-Chief Dr. Pannet Pangputhipong Thailand Assoc. Prof. Prin Rojanapongpun Thailand Dr. Johan Hutauruk Indonesia Regional Deputy Editor Assistant Editor Prof. Zhao Jialiang China India Edition Regional Editor-in-Chief Prof. Zhao Kan Xing China Prof. He Shouzhi China Korea Edition Regional Editor-in-Chief Regional Managing Editor Assoc. Prof. Zhouqi China Prof. S. Natarajan India Prof. Hungwon Tchah Korea Prof. Chul Young Choi Korea

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